Continued GOP Bitterness: Mary Matalin Spews Venom while Van Jones Calls for Unity

First published on….and in light of the continued bitterness on the Right, displayed most recently by people like John McCain, we thought it was worth repeating.

Glenn Beck tells his followers to grab the kids and guns and head to some farmland.  Charles Krauthammer and others encourage renewed Republican obstruction to President Obama. Republican-run companies are either threatening layoffs, or actually laying off workers, out of sheer spite – and it’s clearly spite because, after all, nothing’s changed since the day before the election except a re-elected President Obama.… [Read more]

Van Jones Talks American Dream, Economy, and Social Movements

On Friday I had the privilege of attending a talk by Van Jones at the Center for American Progress in Washington, DC and wanted to report back on what Van Jones said about achieving economic justice. While the talk was designed to promote Jones’ new book, Rebuild the Dream, many topics were covered and there was a question and answer session at the end.… [Read more]

Are We Broke?

A friend asked me if I believe it when I hear people say “America is broke“.  Like anyone who has ever planned or read a budget, I know that numbers are data — but that data means something only when it is translated into information that tells a story…so, with hard and cold numbers, is it possible that the answer to the question as to whether or not America is broke can be both ‘yes’ and ‘no’?  [Read more]