Is Eating Kosher the Next Big Lifestyle Trend?

Special diets are big right now. Ask a random sample of people whether they follow any particular diet and I can guarantee a fair number of them will be gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian, Paleo, vegan, and anything else with a label. Long gone are the days when we shoved anything into our hungry little mouths.… [Read more]

Bread Behind Bars: What’s Changing on Prison Menus?

Prisoners may be having more of an opportunity to eat healthier, thanks to a recent boom in prison gardens and a fight for better mental and physical health within the legal system. The initial idea of hardened criminals living it up on fresh fruits and vegetables may be uncomfortable, but keep in mind that one of the biggest populations of current prisoners are nonviolent prisoners arrested on drug charges.… [Read more]

The Plight of Vegetarians

“Is this dish vegetarian?”

“Yes! It just has chicken stock, but it’s vegetarian.”

This is a common response my family gets when attempting to order food in restaurants in America. My Hindu parents immigrated from India a few decades ago and abstain from eating meat of any kind. Locations that we are able to dine at are limited because we live in a society that is dominated by meat-eating.… [Read more]

Veena Malik — Beauty Beyond the Body

A while ago, yet another TV show brought Pakistan’s most famous and at the same time controversial actress Veena Malik on screen with the same clichéd topic: whether what she did while in India (considered as Pakistan’s traditional/arch rival) was appropriate. During the show, Veena told about her vegetarianism. And it was news!

Hosted by the once popular TV anchor Nadia Khan, the show pitted Veena Malik against the public and had a panel of guests including her ex Babrak Shah, a mainly Pashtu film actor.… [Read more]