Paul Ryan’s Ayn-Rand-Worldview Flunks the Foreign Policy Test

According to most media outlets, especially the spectacle of cable news, the best way to judge a political debate seems to be tantamount to judging a beauty pageant or American Idol contest without the musical talent evaluations. It’s all about presentation, facial expressions, what one is doing while the other is speaking, “looking presidential.” Numerous pundits have advised viewers to best take in the debate with their volume off.… [Read more]

Biden vs. Ryan: The Rumble. Score One for Joe

Body language told the story tonight during the first and only vice presidential debate. For much of the debate, VP Biden showed what many of us felt: a head-shaking disappointment at Paul Ryan’s inability to be honest with the American people. Ryan lost on both foreign and domestic policy.

Ryan gave no real specifics on the economy and no specifics on tax policy.… [Read more]