Ask Mrs. Vera: Would You Rather Be Rich Or Thin?

Dear Mrs. Vera,

Would you rather be rich or thin?

With sincere regards, Cornelius “Commodore” Vanderbilt, De Bilt, Utrecht, Netherlands

Before addressing this week’s overpriced socio-political scoop of cottage cheese on a pretty plate with a picture of a peach printed on it, I must admit up front that I have never truly understood the rank and title of “Commodore,” though I really appreciate the topic.… [Read more]

What Should Weight Mean?

Would you rather lose some of your life than be fat?

Almost 50% of the people who took a Yale survey said yes; they would give up a year of their life to be skinny. Think about the implications of this. Our society has become so warped that people would willingly live shorter lives as long as they look better.… [Read more]