I Am Every Woman

Something to consider as we close out Women’s History Month, 2012.

I’m every woman, it’s all in me (Strength, courage, ambition)

Anything you want done baby, I’ll do it naturally (From creating life to creating empires)

I’m every woman, it’s ALL in me (The fight to be respected  and accepted as an equal)

I can read your thoughts right now,  Every one — from A to Z (It doesn’t take much to read the minds of those who are trying to keep us in ‘our place’.… [Read more]

“Oh, you’n know me now?!” – Mitt Romney

He didn’t really say that, of course.  But imagine if he did!

In light of happenings this week, I feel it necessary to poke fun at Republicans‘ reluctant love affair with Mitt Romney, while also paying homage to the late, very great Ms. Whitney Houston.

That brings me to 2 things:

Dance with the one that brung ya…

Except in Mitt Romney‘s case.… [Read more]

THE Voice…In Memoriam, Whitney Houston

May Whitney Houston, THE Voice, rest in peace.

She was one of the greatest singers and song stylists of all time….and she will forever be missed.… [Read more]