Working Class Hero

This past Tuesday would have been John Lennon’s 71st birthday. My mind always takes me to him every October 9th; I can’t help it. I will play a Lennon song or two, and post on Twitter or Facebook. He was one of the voices I listened to back in the Viet Nam War era; his words and songs called to me — he told me in verse that we are all one, that no one is better than anyone else, and how people struggle daily to survive in the richest nation in the world.… [Read more]

Latin America and Its Classist Struggle

Latin America is a huge region spanning much of the Americas.  Its topography, geography and peoples are among the most diverse in the world. Its people, though, by far are its greatest asset with their wonderful music, literature and arts, their lavish hospitality and their incredibly rich languages.

Latin America, however, has its ‘dark side’.  With bloody civil wars, rampant crime and, perhaps worst of all, its ever-pervasive classism.… [Read more]