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Featured Writer:

Do you see yourself being able to regularly contribute to BNV? We welcome talented writers to the site.

If you are accepted onto our writing staff, you can expect your photo and bio on our Featured Writers page with links to your site and social media accounts. The increased exposure means gaining a wider audience for you.

If you are interested in being considered, please contact us at bnv@borderlessnewsandviews.com.


Guest Writers:

What Are We Looking For?

Quality! Bring your insights, and if they’re blended with humour and snark, all the better! BNV wants original posts from guest authors. The more political the better for our liberal audience.

Let Your Voice Be Heard

Our goal is to publish articles written by a diverse group of journalists and featured writers. Personal perspectives are welcome. In addition to publishing to BNV, we distribute our pieces via e-mail to subscribers to broaden our audience.  Contributions should be:

  • any length as long as a clear point is made with supporting evidence;
  • A timely topic that fits in with the site’s overall theme (i.e., liberal/progressive politics; civil/human/animal rights; humour; education; breaking down borders between us). We are not a tech site, mommy blog, how-to guidebook, or a product review group.
  • Your own work!

Get Publicity

Help us promote you by providing a byline. Please provide two to three sentences and up to two links to promote you, your blog, or your services. All new submissions will be highlighted on our home page in the ‘Featured Post’ section.

Review & Acceptance

If your article is chosen for publication you will receive a confirmation email with the date it will be live on the site. Please note that your content may be edited before it is posted.


The posts you submit to us are written exclusively for use by BNV.

Submission info

Send your submission in plain text in a Word document (NO submissions through google docs please!), royalty/copyright-free article image(s) (with links back to source sites) sent as a separate .jpg or .png file not embedded in the Word document, your byline, and your photo (only if you want it posted with each article).

For more information, contact us at bnv@borderlessnewsandviews.com