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We Need to Wake Up…

I just don’t get it…it’s like a really bad movie…every day in the news there is some clip featuring a random stereotypical, toothless, back-woods bamma complaining about how the nation is being ruined.  Just what is it that they think happened to dash away all their hopes for a brilliant future?  Um..those people…  What’s even worse is when it’s working people who are in the same struggling boat making the claims about those people who are destroying the country — all while their hard-earned dollars, just like the (few) dollars held by po’ folks, are worth less than ever before.  … [Read more]

Congratulations To Prince William & Kate Middleton

Yes, I am a Brooklyn Dame…but I still keep in touch with all things Brit. I’ve thought the American press coverage leading up to the wedding was excessive (was it necessary to send a reporter to speak to Ms. Middleton’s hair dresser?) but it is an exciting event to me all the same. This is the first time in 350 years that a royal has married a ‘commoner’…maybe, as the couple has shown by having more active involvements in the ceremonial preparations, some traditions are ripe for change.… [Read more]

Corporations Are People Too…

…At least that’s what the Supreme Court says (see Citizens United decision).  Then, if that’s the case, why don’t they do what everyone else has to do:  pay their flippin’ taxes.

April 15th came and went.  Tax time!  We didn’t have a government shut-down but, even if we did, congress would have managed to get paid…it would be nice if those mofos actually did something constructive to warrant those paychecks and lifetime benefits.  … [Read more]

Wha’ ‘appen? N’ah no Manners?*

*Wha’ ‘appen?  N’ah no Manners? = What’s up…don’t you have any manners?We know that civility and politeness, where politics are concerned, seem to have gone the way of the Dodo Bird; it seems like decent behaviour is extinct.  I think I’ve seen more evidence of this since the 2008 Presidential elections than ever before — or at least that’s when it seems some people lost their damn minds at the very thought of ‘that one’ taking over the White House. … [Read more]

What’s Old Is New Again – Dusty Confederates

The Civil War is over — at least I thought it was.  Why are so many confederates and confederate wanna-bes trying to resurrect the spirit of the ‘old south’, custom fit with all of its ignorance, selective memory and hatreds that just will not go away? Maybe it’s a recognition thing; they want to be heard.  … [Read more]

The Job Market (aka Companies Behaving Badly)

Living in limbo stinks.  Living in financial limbo sucks arse.

Imagine waking up one day and thinking ‘I thought I did all the right things!?!’.  To folks who never tried to do anything either with themselves or for anyone else, living in limbo may be the very definition of ‘normal’ but for others, these times may be the scariest life has ever been.… [Read more]