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This Week in Government Silliness…

Talk about being silly, inept and incapable of being forward-thinking throwing the baby out with the bath water.  Just WHAT is it that government officials are trying to accomplish?

Elected officials on both sides of the aisle claim that they want to reduce spending and make government more efficient though there are a few mental midgets who seem to think eliminating government altogether is the best approach…that is, until their teet-sucking states are in desperate need of farm subsidies and emergency relief funds.  … [Read more]

In Memoriam: Dr. Wangari Maathai

I THINK that I shall never see

A poem lovely as a tree…

        ~  TREES, by Joyce Kilmer

On Sunday September 25, 2011 one of my heroes passed from this world to the next after a long battle with cancer. Sadly, as I write that the first African woman to win a Nobel Peace Prize has passed on, many will not recognize her name or the magnificent smile that lit up her beautiful face.… [Read more]

A FOX News Haiku

A haiku is a traditional Japanese poem comprised of 3 lines. The structure is such that there is a total of 17 syllables (5, 7, and 5 syllables, respectively). So, in keeping this post short, in the tradition of haiku, I leave you with this example. It came to mind as I heard an interview with the crafty Roger Ailes, Chairman of the Fox Television Stations Group and master seller of gloom, doom and fear stating that Fox News is going to correct its course away from the ‘far right’.… [Read more]

The Crisis Continues…

Those of you who read TheBrooklynDame regularly know that nearly everything I discuss here has a political angle.  Whether I’m talking about the unwillingness and inability of our political leaders to get off their collective borderline crazy arses and realise that if the President is flushed down the loo then we suffer too! work together and do something productive to move this nation forward, the underlying theme is managing our responsibilities.… [Read more]

A Hungry Mob Is An Angry Mob*

Them belly full but we hungry… A hungry mob is an angry mob

          ~  *Bob Marley, ‘Them Belly Full’

Powerful words – and they’re something that those at the top of the socio-political pyramid should think about.  Personally, I am waiting for the day when those who don’t have ‘a full belly’, i.e., the poor and ever-declining middle-class, finally become truly angry.  … [Read more]

Message Received.

What a disappointment.  Yesterday was special election day in New York City; of course, it wasn’t what is considered to be a major election but, all the same, the people were given a chance to exercise their right to vote and express what’s on their collective mind at the ballot box.  Democracy at work that is, if democracies are bought and paid for by the Koch Brothers!Months… [Read more]

9/11 Ten Years Later…Now What?

Anniversaries are a time of remembrance; for many in this country, the emotional wounds of 9/11 are still too raw for this date to have faded into memory and become yet another date on the calendar that people promise to never forget.For the families and friends of people who lost their lives on that day I wish them peace.  … [Read more]

Labor Day is Here…

Labour Day is here.  Actually, I’m in the U.S. and here it is LABOR Day;  no ‘u’ in Labor so I’ve dropped my traditional British spelling).  That’s probably appropriate because the United Kingdom/England doesn’t celebrate Labor Day as a holiday to unite workers and further the cause of the working person.  Hmmm….they need to change that…good jobs are the ultimate riot-prevention tool… [Read more]